“Blinds on Kenilworth is professional, honest, helpful, punctual, knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with.”

Dr I. A BacusSpecialist Psychiatrist

“I am particularly impressed with their high standards and have used them in my personal residence as well as my commercial properties. The encouraging hallmark of this entity is that they ensure that they
satisfy their customers long after the date of installation of either curtains or blinds.”

A B G Choudree (Senior Counsel)Director Masonic Grove Properties (Pty) Limited

“Blinds on Kenilworth have been outstanding from inception on getting pricing done in quick time and providing the PQS and client with additional rate breakdowns and samples.”

Imraan SheikQuantity Surveyor Liviero Building (Pty) Ltd

“We were completely satisfied with their competency, quality & overall efficiency. Enza Construction would gladly recommend Blinds on Kenilworth as a service provider.”

Kevin McGillEnza Construction (Pty) Ltd