About Us

With more than 19 years’ experience, Blinds on Kenilworth is a premier store for quality-made Automation Systems ,shutters blinds, curtains, wallpaper, laminate floors, soft furnishing and upholstery. For Commercial, Industrial and Residential premises.

We are professional, experienced retailers and excel in servicing both
commercial and residential markets.


Our business has grown from early 2000, when we first began working with residential clients in Durban’s CBD. Impeccable service and client trust has enabled our client base to grow along with our capacity.

Nearly two decades later, our client portfolio is proudly diverse, showcasing our ability to service large commercial projects and innovative residential designs alike.

Our Expertise

From corporate office blocks to hospitals, from university dormitories to residential homes, we run robust, efficient projects from start to finish.

Our team has a wealth of experience working with project coordinators, quantity surveyors, architects and engineers.

Our ability to interpret an architect’s vision and find, manufacture and install products that meet, not only technical specifications but fit into clients’ budgets has made us the foremost commercial window covering manufacturer in South Africa.

Blinds on Kenilworth offers architects and partners a range of solutions in commercial application and Intergrated Automation Systems that includes the provision of fabrics with unique and practical properties, including light reduction, heat control, glare resistance, blockout, anti-bacterial, and sound

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on the details. Our core team, led by senior directors, is involved in every process from measurement to manufacturing, from fitting to back-up services.